The Borvo EVAC

Endoport Vacuum Assisted Collection (EVAC):

subdural hematoma drainage

Two State-of-the-Art Designs

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The EVAC Ergo has a streamlined, ergonomically designed shape. 

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EVAC Classic

The EVAC Classic is a model designed in a traditional form. 

Created By and For

Neurointer­ventional Surgeons

The patent pending designs of the EVAC deliver a lumen
> 25% larger than older designs.

Developed for improved ease of use and performance.

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The Borvo Experience

Space Age Fabrication

Borvo’s unique designs are fabricated with state-of-the-art 3D printed non-ferromagnetic titanium.

Ergonomic Designs

Advanced fabrication technology enables features and ergonomics not possible with old school machining.

Not FDA-cleared; for marketing purposes only.